Marian Brown Public Relations


"Marian Brown is an exceptional publicist, whose many talents include a keen sense of her individual clients' needs, a sharp and creative eye for media opportunities, and proactive, consistent communications. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are unwavering from the start of every project and ensure their continued critical and commercial success. I highly recommend her services.

--Lesley Stahl, Becoming Grandma

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Selected Projects

  • Michael Wolff —Fire and Fury, (New York Times bestseller)
  • Lesley Stahl —Becoming Grandma, (New York Times bestseller)
  • James Carville —We're Still Right, They're Still Wrong, (New York Times bestseller)
  • Patrick Kennedy —A Common Struggle, (New York Times bestseller)
  • Mike Love —Good Vibrations, (New York Times bestseller)
  • John Carter Cash —Forever Words, (New York Times bestseller)
  • Bernard-Henri Levy —The Empire and the Five Kings, (New York Times bestseller)
  • Tina Brown —The Vanity Fair Diaries
  • Ali Velshi and Christine Romans —How to Speak Money
  • Edgar Bronfman —The Bronfman Haggadah
  • Harry Markopolos — No One Would Listen (New York Times bestseller)
  • David Berlinsky — A Tour of the Calculus
  • Ken Burns — Jazz (New York Times bestseller)
  • Alan Dershowitz — Sexual McCarthyism (New York Times besteller)
  • James Fallows — Breaking the News
  • Niall Ferguson — The Pity of War
  • Howard Gardner — Extraordinary Minds
  • Chaim Herzog — Living History
  • Alan Hollinghurst — The Line of Beauty (2005 winner Man Booker Prize for Fiction)
  • Sebastian Junger — Fire (New York Times bestseller)
  • Howard Kurtz — Spin Cycle
  • Anne Lamott — Bird by Bird
  • Jim Lynch — The Highest Tide
  • Greil Marcus — Invisible Republic and Dead Elvis
  • Paul McCartney — Blackbird Singing
  • Joan Nathan — The Foods of Israel Today
  • Susan Neiman — Moral Clarity
  • Sherwin B. Nuland — The Doctors' Plague
  • John Allen Paulos — Once Upon A Number
  • Kevin P. Phillips — The Cousins' Wars
  • DBC Pierre, Vernon God Little (2003 winner Man Booker Prize for Fiction)
  • Steven Pinker — How the Mind Works
  • Richard Pryor — Pryor Convictions
  • Salman Rushdie — East Meets West (New York Times bestseller)
  • Brent Staples — Parallel Time
  • David Foster Wallace — Everything and More
  • Bill McKibben — FALTER, (New York Times bestseller)